Make this punch for Thanksgiving and you’re sure to have everyone imbibing in joyous harmony! This is the mac daddy of all holiday punches that is sure to please even the friends and family who say they “don’t like whiskey”. Nevermore hear those words uttered again! So, run to your favorite liquor store and grab all the ingredients to turn your Thanksgiving party from straight puritannical to straight revelry. After all, whiskey is the Uisce beatha, “water of life”!


The ratios of this drink are up to you. If you like stronger punch, use more whiskey, if not, use more apple cider & ginger beer. We like whiskey here, so we suggest to be liberal with the Tullamore Dew. Combine the whiskey, lemon slices, orange slices, 4 cups of apple cider (non-alcoholic) & cinnamon in a large bowl and let marinate for a 3-5 hours. Then add 3 bottles of ginger beer, 3 bottles of hard cider. Serve in a large punch bowl or distribute into multiple pitchers. Serve over ice and garnish with a lemon or orange and a dash of orange bitters.